The August of 1963.
During the March on Washington, a clear Wednesday as it was, over 250,000 Civil Rights supporters gathered near the Lincoln Memorial steps.
The mass wasn’t ready to settle for any less. Amidst the depression that had gripped them for over centuries now, it was a pursuit to keep the remaining faith alive.
Talks were out. Eyes glanced the man, who with a single phrase would join Jefferson and Lincoln in the ranks of men who’ve shaped modern America.
Jackson from the crowd cried, “Tell them about the dream, Martin!”
King rose, with tremendous muscle in his voice, inflected by the torment he had previously sensed, started, “I have a Dream…”


Iconic Photographer Steve McCurry Talks Blogging and WordPress

Irony.. Really!!

The WordPress.com Blog

Steve McCurry, a professional photographer and author of several photography books, shares his reasons for why he blogs on WordPress.com. His iconic photo, Afghan Girl, graced the cover of National Geographic and was named one of the 100 Best Pictures of the magazine. McCurry has been recognized with some of the most prestigious awards in the industry, including the Robert Capa Gold Medal, National Press Photographers Award, and an unprecedented four first prize awards from the World Press Photo contest, to name a few.

You are a world-famous photographer. Why do you blog?

Steve: Who would even dream 20 years ago that we would even have the internet? Clearly the internet is changing the landscape of publishing, news, and entertainment. There are countless channels on television, infinite content on the internet, and stimuli literally everywhere we turn. . . . There is so much competition. My blog is just my way of…

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Examinations, as they sound‼

Ridiculing is this method of examinations. Well, as enthralling they may seem to our sadist teacher society, they unhurriedly are going deep down through my veins, combating each of my RBC’s and slaughtering them wishfully‼

Had my exam gone well, I would not have been here lettering this article. But somewhere, I hold myself blameworthy for all this disappointment. Lacked something? Perhaps “will” to do some work. Recreational time was what I explored! But now it seems too delayed to be mourned upon. Going through the uneasiness of what might transpire in approaching days, and craving for the “back in past thing” this vacation is going to be a real deal! So, back at home, where people always talk of grades, things are turning more multifarious. Where will my ego and admiration stand when this heartbreaking news breaks out in full public exhibit? Goosebumps‼ Why? Oh God Why? Weren’t you supposed to provide me this sense of conscience a bit earlier? Oh I thoughtlessly forgot! You did endow me with this accurate sensation after my last exam was ruined. Means you are really worried about me! Aren’t you supposed to amplify that nature of yours a bit so I remember the sensation all the way through my life?

Returning back to present, the gloomy myself found a “blog-read” request from a certain classmate. I checked into the site. Well, what’s up with this “zombie” feel within me? Have I no life? Well, I needed to cross the path and do something promising next time. This blog contains my entire self-injustice saga and how I’m taking steps to mend it with “self-talks and god-convos”. Pretty grieving to be a guy’s first blog, I hope nobody reads it. All errors, when you are looked up to by some, seem unpardonable.Image

Laptop turns warm on the inside, it too seeks rest! Dim, cold room complies with my situation. No more writing here. Next blog wants to see all the vigorous me! And I want to live up to it’s expectations!